Trimmed a little bit of the fat on this update in a few of the sections. The most significant changes were done in the skateboarding section, Shred Sleds, so your definitely going to want to make your way to that. I also added some portraits in Persons as well as added some photos in Recent Happenings so be sure to check those out as well. A quick F.Y.I., I will be showing some portraits in this year’s Freshly Squeezed exhibition, which will be taking on the July 18th, so mark the calendars.


Well it’s all over for me, after four and a half years in prison a.k.a. George Mason University, I am finally free to do what I want with my BA in Graphic Design. What I want to do is freelance photography making my time in school all that much worthless. Ok I’m just kidding. School was great and learned a lot. So if anyone is looking for a photographer and/or graphic designer for any part time or freelance work let me know because I am for hire.

As you can see is the website has been slightly revamped. Added a few photos here and there and merged a couple categories together. You may also notice that The Square 68 status is now at “Coming Never” which really means it’s on the back burner. The far back burner. The reason being is my book Skate Rats that I recently created burned me out a little. It’s a lot of work to create an editorial completely by ones self. Skate Rats is for sale. Just shoot me an email if you are interested in a copy.

Time to focus on shredding my little heart out.


Finally got a new gallery up of skateboarding called “Out of Bounds” which is of mostly skateboarding photos.  These photos were taken out of the designated 68 square miles of the city so enjoy.  I’m sure more will be put up in the future.  The Square 68 is coming along nicely.  Be on the look out for a small teaser booklet of The Square 68 either online or in print.


I recently did a photo shoot with Aplomb Clothing for their new Fall collection. I put four of my favorite shots from the shoot in the “Recent Happenings” sections of the site. I also just came up with a great new gallery idea.  Hopefully I’ll have it shot and up within the month.


Redesign is complete...for now. The plan for this site, unlike the last, is to keep adding visual stimulation of shagoire. The last site was a school project that had to get done so was never truely fine tuned to what I was looking for.
I plan on continuing to use the blog for throwaway photos but the good ones are going straight to this site. There are also plans to be creating several photographic series shown exclusively on this site.

The Square 68 is sucking in all the skate photos I have been taking so it will be an exciting release. It is still in the planning stages but interviews are already in the works.